Drapes & Curtains

Thought to be old fashioned, not anymore.


Drapes and curtains are thought to be old fashioned, however, it provides a certain level of delicate elegance and beauty to a room that blinds simply cannot offer a living space.
Our new styles and fabric variations guarantee you, as well as your family and friends, will truly love the additions to your new home. With a rich selection of patterns and fabrics, you are sure to find a drapery and curtain option that perfectly suits your unique space, taste and needs.
Drapes and curtains are a great solution for insulation and room darkening for bedrooms and theatre rooms using either full drapery panels to cover the entire window or side panels to bring all of the elements together.
WINDOW INSULATIONWindow drapes and curtains in thicker fabrics offer the home significant insulation from the outdoor temperatures during all seasons of the year. During the hot summer months, heat will be kept out of the home, lowering your electricity bills. During the winter, the cold will be kept out of the home and the heat retained inside, making for lower costs, as well.
PRIVACYThicker, more luxurious drapes and curtains that blackout light from entering a room are ideal for rooms like bedrooms where maximum privacy is preferred. To be able to enjoy natural light during the day, they can be layered with sheer drapes underneath. Living rooms require slightly less privacy, which is why sheer curtains work great, diffusing natural light during the day while offering moderate privacy.


Window Covering Design That Is Unparalleled!

Don't take the chance to measure yourself or jumping from store to store to find the right fit. We bring the service to your home at your convenience and provide a solution you'll love. We do it all, so you can unwind, knowing Bodacious Blinds Design Consultants took care of all the details.