Cellular/Pleated Shades



Cellular/Pleated Shades

Cellular and pleated shades are incredibly lightweight and the perfect solution to large windows

Cellular ShadesInnovative Insulation, Year-Round

Cellular and pleated shades, known as honeycomb shades, are closed cells that act like pockets trapping air thereby insulating your home from cold and heat. This makes cellular and pleated shades energy-efficient and perfect for lowering energy bills and keeping your home comfortable year-round. Cellular and pleated and shades, because of their design, also offer excellent soundproofing and sound absorption particularly for those rooms with hardwood floors.

Our cellular and pleated shades are fully customizable with different cell sizes and range of opacity allowing the ability for our design experts to customize the best solution to your home and space. They are constructed from high-quality fabrics offering varying levels of light control.

One advantage of cellular and pleated shades is that they are incredibly lightweight making them the perfect solution for large windows. And for high windows where they need to be light as the user needs to stretch to lift the shade.


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