Dual/Layered Shades



Dual/Layered Shades

The Perfect Marriage between Fabric Shade & Horizontal Blinds

Dual ShadesThe Best of Both Worlds!

Dual shades provide homes with a soft balance of dim light without completely blocking out the sun. That is why we say they offer the best of both worlds. When the shade height is modified using the cord, the stripes overlap for full privacy and light alteration. When fully raised, the shades disappear into an elegantly fabric-wrapped cassette valance.

We have a rich selection of dual shades with rich neutrals and hues. Our texture selection range from contemporary to modern, The perfect style-fit for your home.



Layered ShadesModern and add a sharp, tailored look to windows.

Layered Shades are made of crisply folded fabric. They provide a modern and sharp tailored look to your windows. They are easy to operate, easy to install, and for the budget-conscious, easy on the budget.

We offer a wide selection of rich fabrics offering a range of colours and textures allowing for differing levels of light altering options. Our custom pleated shades come in bold, vibrant colours or subtle neutrals.

Talk to one of our window covering experts and find out what works best for your space and windows.


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